Road rage

I think this is a big thing on the road nowadays. First for a little backstory though. Yesterday I was driving along one of the main city streets near my house. I wanted to pass a slow moving bus so of course I check my mirrors, my blindspot and move over. All of the sudden I see a Ford escape barreling down behind me at 20km/h over the speed limit. At this point I had passed the bus so I moved over back into the right lane to let him by. Suddenly he jumps in right behind me with no signal and is probably 6 inches from my back bumper. I was heading to the on-ramp for the highway with this escape still on me, so to finally I decided I had to get him off. I gave a brief tap on the brakes and he backed off. Once on the highway the escape shot into the left lane (of course without signalling) and right one somebody else's bumper. I don't know what happened to this person or what I did to possibly provoke them to do this but they are completely wrong.

I hope none of you drive like this when you want to pass someone or get them to speed up, it's very rude and doesn't accomplish anything. If you want to get around someone just wait until the other lane is clear and pass them that way.

I also hope this hasn't happened to you but if it has, the best way of dealing with these people is to simply get out of their way. Whatever you do don't get drawn into a race with them. Don't stoop down to their level, it's not worth it. Not only is it dangerous to you and other drivers you also run the risk of getting a big ticket.

If you ever find yourself frustrated or angry don't get in the car drive somewhere. It has been proven that after a fight with someone you are far more aggressive behind the wheel of a car.  Let's be honest at the very least your pissing off other drivers and only making things worse for everyone. Not to mention the other things that could happen as I stated earlier. Put simply it's not worth it. Getting angry and driving badly just isn't worth it and who really enjoys being angry?

Just drive safe!